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I wish this worked like the iPhone app, which doesn't rely on a barcode scan. Here are the problems with the iPad app: A) - There's no way to set this up from home. You must rely on hospital admission. B) - The barcode on admission bracelets are invalid for this app. C) - NO STAFF in the hospital which use the Epic system can understand how this works. NOT ONE. From the nurses, doctors, or admission staff. I use one of the best hospitals in the country, and they are clueless as to this app or its existence. Only the iPhone app is known, so no one can help. It is all-in-all a useless app. It disappoints me Epic.

Won't scan

Won't scan the barcode. Interesting idea if it worked.

Very good idea , but . . .

As an inpatient in the hospital, I got a lovely trifold brochure promoting the app. All I need to do is have a staff member scan the barcode. It appears that no one has trained the staff - they don't have the foggiest idea how to activate the app. Too bad since I'd like to see my test results.


This app is useless because it requires scanning a barcode to activate it, at the medical care provider. I don't have time to drive to the provider just to scan a barcode and I am already registered on the website. Why can't I just login using my website credentials?

Does not connect

Requires a QR code from the provider.

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